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Crossroll Hong Kong
  • Crossroll Hong Kong

    SKU: ND002

         In the game Crossroll Hong Kong, players are competing to explore Hong Kong as efficient as possible, going to many checkpoints, landmarks and make the best decisions at crossroads.

         In each round, the active player chooses two dice from the 4 dice and rolls them. Then, all players either cross along a route, cross a crossroad or charge an effect.

         Players gain victory points by completing a route (extra bonus points when efficiently completed), or stopping at a landmark. The numerous crossroads allow players to build an engine to explore the map more flexibly and more efficiently. The game ends when a player has filled all Routes Boxes on their map. The player with the highest Victory Points wins the game.


    Rulebook (English):

    Rulebook (Chinese):

    Rulebook (Japanese):

    Rulebook (German):

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