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Electioneer is
a Hong Kong-themed board game
for everyone to experience
election campaigning and
consent manufacturing.

After all the unexpected results of referendums and elections, we all know that winning an election does not require the Votes of majority, but knowing how to play the system and the rules.

Let the game on!!


All texts on the cards and rulebook are written in both Chinese and English. This game is the perfect choice for HK souvenirs for both locals and tourists.


Simple rules

While the mechanics may interest various gamers, the rules are designed to be easy to learn.


Real settings

We try our best to ensure all theme settings corresponds to the HK reality.


Educational and Informative

This game provides a fun way to learn about HK places and explore the unexplored territories in HK.


If the stretch goal is unlocked, we hope to add an information supplementary leaflet.



Your goal is to get the most Votes, of course.

Votes can be obtained by:

  • Majoring/ seconding in the 5 regions

  • Fulfilling criteria on strategy cards

  • Confirming zone cards



In each turn, you may choose 2 of the following 9 actions:


  1. Campaigning/ Fundraising:
    Place your marker to the common area.


  2. Work completion:
    Get back you marked resources.


  3. Zone confirmation:
    Upon arrival, confirm zones to your area.


  4. Proximal movement:
    Go to nearby zones.


  5. Remote commute:
    Discard your card as ticket to travel along the routes.


  6. Loopholing:
    Gain 2 resource cubes.

  7. Strategy refreshment:
    Refresh cards in common area.

  8. Public disclosure:
    Publicise your private strategy card.


  9. Strategy exploration:
    Obtain new strategy cards.

15 Event cards

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