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Electioneer 選舉工程
  • Electioneer 選舉工程

    SKU: E1100

    On this colorful Hong Kong map board, with more than 150 cards featuring local landmarks, player acts as candidates competing to win the election.

         During the game, you move and commute along the routes and ferry lines to arrive at a new zone. Upon your arrival, you can confirm the zone if you have already gain that zone to your hand and you have enough resources discs.

         Each zone belongs to different geographical regions and constituencies, both of which will affect your current ranking in Votes. You fight to major or second in regions and constituencies to gain the Vote tokens. In critical moments, you may consider publicly disclosing your Strategy to gain some immediate advantage.

         In the end, all Votes on your Vote tokens, zone effects and Strategies will be counted. The player with the most Votes wins the election in Hong Kong.

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